THE  PITCHON DESIGN GROUP is pleased to offer you services that will address  your every need from the start to the completion of your project. 

Our mission  is to provide the very best in design, development and construction  services that will make the road to creating and realizing your unique  project an exciting, efficient and joyous journey. Due to the high  design and quality control standards we hold ourselves to, our design  and development teams are without equal. Our goal is to always deliver  your project on time and on budget . We want you, our valued client, to  walk away at the completion of our work together having had an  incredible experience.



PITCHON DESIGN GROUP can be as involved as you wish us  to be. We can take you anywhere from picking out the right piece of  LAND, to DESIGN CONCEPT, DESIGN DEVELOPMENT, BIDDING PHASE, CONSTRUCTION  and INTERIOR DESIGN. 

We can literally be your "one-stop-shop" for all you  need in designing your new home, renovation, addition, or new kitchen or  bath.


The concept is simple and efficient: Hire us to help and  advise with any issues you may have regarding a new home, renovation,  addition or  furniture layout. We will take one day to measure,  photograph and consult. Then we will provide sketches or cad drawings as  well as names and numbers of service other words, you will  have a good idea of what can be done with your home and by whom. We do  offer the full gamut of services within our practice, so if you wish, we  can take care of all your needs.


We can walk you through the process of buying or selling a home, represent you and make sure your investment is a sound one.


There are times you need that special piece to fit in a particular space. Let the creativity flow!


Do you have land you would like to develop? We offer a complete service from conceptual design to project management and construction.


The success of your project depends not only on a great design, but on a trustworthy, honest and experienced builder.